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13 Dec 2007

spiked has run two particularly interesting articles on energy over the past couple of days. Both show how the irrational character of environmentalism leads to arbitrary distinctions.

For example, Rob Johnston, a freelance science writer, argues that:

“Try to sink one 15,000 tonne oil platform in the North Sea (as Shell attempted with the Brent Spar platform in 1995) and Greenpeace will vilify you, but announce a plan to plant 7,000 concrete and steel pylons – each weighing 2,000 tonnes – on the seabed and you will be an eco-hero. Pour 60million tons of concrete across the Severn Estuary to build an energy-generating tidal barrage and Sir Jonathon Porritt and his Sustainable Development Commissioners will carry you in triumph through Jerusalem.”

Meanwhile, James Woudhuysen, professor of forecasting at De Montfort university in Leicester, concludes his article by looking at the UK Department for Business Enterprise & Regulatory Reform (BERR):

“BERR’s ‘Energy Group’ of 29 civil servants is enough to cause concern. Just two of them look after ‘Emerging Energy Technologies’ and ‘Cleaner Fossil Fuels & Hydrogen’. The others deal in strategy, planning, bills, market instruments, regulatory framework, consultations, licensing and liabilities.

“In short, BERR is a department devoted to everything – except actually doing something serious about energy supply.”

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