More climate change-ification

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20 Sep 2009

A couple more examples of the trend to interpreting questions through the prism of climate change:

* Some 18 of the world’s professional medical organisations argue that the failure to reach agreement at the climate change summit in Copenhagen will lead to a “global health catastrophe”. In this case health is not only being linked to climate change but to a specific conception of how the problem should be tackled. It is also worth noting that Michael Marmot, one of the instigators of the medical initiative, has also played a key role in arguing that well being and affluence should be separated.

* The Marie Stopes International, a London-based sexual and reproduction health organisation, argues that a shortage of condoms in Africa is leading to runaway population growth which will in turn cause climate change. Leo Bryant, an advocacy manager for the organisation and the lead author of a World Health Organization report on the subject (PDF), was quoted as saying: “It’s time to start looking at the environmental relevance of family planning,” in a telephone interview. “Reproductive health services ought to be integrated into the climate adaptation strategy.”

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