Against “rights” for the unborn

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12 Dec 2009

A characteristically cranky article in The Ecologist but one that points to a dangerous trend. It seems that increasing credence is being given to the supposed rights of the unborn and the related concept of inter-generational justice.

Of course the unborn are not in any position to exercise their rights. What this means in practice is that environmentalists could try to impose their views on society by claiming to act on behalf of the unborn. For example, evidently Ed Miliband, Britain’s energy and climate change minister, gave a lecture at the London School of Economics on 19 November where he argued: “We need to institutionalise long-term change that protects future generations”.

Such a view sets all sort of peculiar precedents. Perhaps the unborn black children who are the victims of the Optimum Population Trust’s Malthusian policies could counter-sue?

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