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6 Jun 2010

Matt Ridley, the Rational Optimist, rebuts an attack by George Monbiot in the Guardian. Monbiot does not even attempt to tackle the meat of Ridley’s argument. Much of Monbiot’s article is a personal attack – mocking Ridley for his involvement in the collapse of Northern Rock bank – and the rest consists of sniping at a few alleged factual errors.  Meanwhile, Tim Black interviewed Ridley in this week’s spiked.

The gross domestic problem, Open Democracy, by Lorenzo Fioramonti. Another attack on GDP.

Washing carbon out of the air, Scientific American, by Klaus Lackner (article truncated for non-subscribers). A Columbia university professor describes how machines could extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Shape-shifting islands defy sea-level rise, New Scientist, by Naomi Zukerman. Coral debris means that most Pacific islands are rising rather than sinking.

Seed Debate: food fight, Seed Magazine, by Maywa Montenegro. Robert Paarlberg debates M Jahi Chappell on modern agriculture.

Medieval life full of “holidays and parties”, Daily Telegraph, by Nick Collins. David Boyle of the New Economics Foundation argues that, in some respects at least, inhabitants of 12th century Britain were better off than those of today.