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17 Apr 2011

Rather than apologising again for my lack of posting I thought it would make more sense to write a note on what I have been doing. After focusing for several years on the theme of growth scepticism – albeit one that incorporates many subjects under its umbrella – I am working on lots of shorter projects. Each of them is likely to lead to at least one article or speech and generally more:

- The New Economy Business Model. The American-led move away from innovation by large corporations towards a “startup economy” based on entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and business collaboration with universities.

- The idea of “neo-liberalism”.

- The reality and perception of changing living standards in Britain.

- The Middle East. Mainly Israel (high technology sector, problems of national identity, the idea of Israeli “apartheid”, how it is likely to be affected by a regional realignment) and the economics of the region.

- Happiness. I would have liked to have written an article on last week’s launch of Action for Happiness and in any event am hoping to give a speech on this subject later in the year.

- The City of London. Its changing role.

I am also interested in the increasing popularity of the greens in Germany. There is even a possibility that Germany will soon have its first green chancellor.

I am likely to have articles published under the first four headings in the next couple of months. The others are more long-term projects.

I may well switch back to focusing on a single theme in the future but I am not yet sure what it will be – there are lots of possibilities. Any suggestions welcome!