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William Easterly, doyen of free market development economists, had a polemic against Bill Gates’ “creative capitalism” schemes to help the poor in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal. Easterly rightly attacks the limitiations of schemes such as the partnership to give African farmers access to the premium coffee market. “This is fine as a modest endeavor to […]

William Easterly, perhaps the world’s best-known conservative development economist, has written a critique of the millennium development goals (MDGs) as they apply to Africa. In his view the goals are constructed in an arbitrary way which leads to an underestimation of Africa’s development progress. For example, the 1990s was a bad decade for Africa yet, […]

The World Bank has produced a useful website which pulls together numerous statistics on African development.

A new documentary from Worldwrite, an education charity, examines the question of corruption from an African perspective. In Corruptababble two young South Africans, Brendon and Yolanda, travel around London and Edinburgh to gauge perceptions of corruption. Virtually everyone they speak to sees corruption as a big problem in Africa but few come even close to […]

Spiked has run my review of Gregory Clark’s A Farewell to Alms in its monthly review of books.

Fund Strategy has published a cover story by me on investment (primarily by funds) in Africa. It is written for a financial readership but includes points that could be of more general interest.

I will be speaking at a session on economic development at the Battle for Africa strand at the Battle of Ideas festival in London. My session will include Professor Paul Collier, Giles Bolton and Firoze Manji. Other sessions in the strand are on saving Africa and on the continent’s growing ties with China. The Battle […]

BBC online has published a useful article which gives some insights into the contemporary debate on African development. After discussing how Africa is unlikely to met the Millennium Development Goals it quotes Simon Maxwell, the director of the Overseas Development Institute, saying that they “were always meant to be more of a tool of political […]

There follows a news analysis by me for Fund Strategy on investment in Africa. Parts of it are technical but it is mostly accessible to general readers. There was also a related comment piece. Fund groups seem to be taking Africa seriously at last. New Star recently let it be known that it is seeking […]

Gregory Clark, the author of A Farewell to Alms (see 7 August and 10 August posts), has written an article in the New York Sun on Africa. He argues the continent is caught in a “Malthusian trap” in which rising living standards lead to population growth which in turn puts pressure on fixed resources and […]