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This is the text of a box within my latest Fund Strategy cover story on Japan. Tensions between Japan and its regional neighbours represent one of the greatest threats to any positive scenario for the country’s recovery. Strains in Asia more generally represent one of the gravest threats to global stability. The rows between Japan, [...]

This is the main text of my recent Fund Strategy cover story on Japan’s experiment with “Abenomics”. Note that I had to be a guarded in expressing my own opinion as my brief was to write a feature based on the views of others. Three arrows held together cannot be broken, according to a Japanese [...]

Western commentators are often far too quick to draw sweeping conclusions about China on the basis of limited knowledge. I was reminded of this tendency after following discussions about an article in the Financial Times about young Chinese allegedly shunning factory jobs. The article was based on an interview with Terry Gou, the founder of [...]

This column was first published yesterday in Fund Strategy. What lessons, if any, does the Asian financial crisis of 1997-98 provide for the present turmoil in the region? Both cases involved falling local currencies and capital flight as investor confidence evaporated but it is not immediately apparent if the similarities go any further. Nor is [...]

This is my Perspective column from this week’s Fund Strategy magazine. An important side effect of the debate about “tapering” by America’s Federal Reserve is heighted concern about emerging economies. It is widely argued that as the developed economies start to recover their emerging counterparts could falter. As it happens a western recovery is still [...]

This is my Perspective column from this week’s Fund Strategy magazine. A hard landing in China is uppermost in the minds of equity fund managers and second is fear at the failure of Japan’s experiment in Abenomics, with monetary expansion a central plank While the prospect of “tapering” by America’s Federal Reserve has prompted much [...]

How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia is probably unique as a literary novel written in the form of a self-help book. It has several other unusual features. The main protagonist is referred to only as ‘you’ while the other lead character is simply ‘the pretty girl’. Mohsin Hamid’s novel also all takes place [...]

This is my Perspective column from this week’s Fund Strategy magazine. Some global trends get little attention in the British media. Those who only follow domestic television channels or newspapers would struggle to find news about the fraught relations between the world’s three largest economic powers. This tension manifested itself in a recent visit by [...]

This is my Perspective column from this week’s Fund Strategy magazine. Given the importance of China in the global economy it is becoming vital to understand mainland Chinese perspectives on key topics. This is not to contend that the Chinese are right on every matter. On the contrary, no doubt their comments are often one-sided. [...]

Some seriously bad news broke last week yet it received a tiny fraction of the attention the British media devoted to horsemeat. It looks like Indian economic growth is slowing down. This trend has serious implications not only for India’s population of 1.2 billion but for the entire world economy. According to figures from the [...]