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This blog post was first published on Fundweb on 12 March. I have often wondered why so many western tourists say they dislike Singapore. They complain about what they see as its conformism and petty authoritarianism. Now I think I know the real reason they react against the place. It is hard not to see […]

News that China’s growth rate is slowing comes at a bad time for the world economy. Hopefully it is just a dip but some, such as Lombard Street Research, are arguing the Asian giant is entering a period of stagflation (stagnation combined with high inflation). Such a development would be bad news at any time […]


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20 Mar 2011

Apologies for the lack of posting but I have been working on medium and longer term projects. Hopefully some of the results will be available before too long. One piece available to read already is my recent blog post entitled “Japan’s magnificent resilience” on the Fund Strategy website (now rebranded fundweb). In broad terms it […]

I have been so busy over the past few days that I have not been able to write all the blog posts I would have liked. There follows some brief notes on subjects I would have liked to have covered in greater detail. In the run-up to the publication of the 20th anniversary Human Development […]

A horrible “green column” in the New York Times on “rethinking the measure of growth”. Wayne Arnold’s article is essentially an attack on Asian’s drive to develop. His approach is to raise the spectre of possible environmental disasters as an argument against growth. The articles quotes several prominents Asian economists who are sceptical about the […]

Yesterday’s Financial Times (FT) had an article which could not be any more Malthusian. According to a feature by Kevin Brown, the financial newspaper’s Asia regional correspondent: “It has become a truism, buttressed by the hard realities of economic performance, that the 21st century will belong to Asia. But there is a big problem to […]

Speedy ambition

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10 Mar 2010

A great example of ambition from Chinese railways as shown in an article on the American ABC news website: “China is negotiating to extend its own high-speed railway network to up to 17 countries in 10 to 15 years, eventually potentially connecting London with Beijing and then on to Singapore.” Evidently at its maximum speed […]

This is my comment from this week’s Fund Strategy. Arguably China came of age last week. After more than three decades of rapid economic growth it achieved the titles of the world’s largest exporter and the world’s biggest car producer. This was an enormous achievement. Back in 1978, when its rapid growth began, China was […]

After last week’s vilest ever television programme here is a contender for dumbest ever. Kevin McCloud, know in Britain for presenting television programmes on architecture, finds wisdom and happiness in Dharavi, the Mumbai slum reputed to be the largest in Asia. He argued in his Channel 4 documentary that despite the poverty he sees it […]

SA Aiyar, writing in his Swaminomics blog in the Times of India, argues against romanticising Bhutan as a haven of happiness. Prominent thinkers such as Amartya Sen and Joseph Stiglitz have lauded the Himalayan kingdom for proclaiming happiness as a priority and downplaying economic growth. Yet in reality it has enjoyed rapid growth as a […]