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The six British consumers taking part in BBC 3’s “Blood, Sweat and Takeaways” documentary were, with a couple of exceptions, less narcissistic than their counterparts in last year’s “Blood, Sweat and T-Shirts” (see posts of 18 April, 14 May and 17 June 2008). This year’s programme featured young foodies doing menial work as producers of […]

The following review by me appeared in the latest Fund Strategy (16 March). The debate about the future of capitalism is welcome in many respects. It raises the possibility of developing a deeper understanding of how the real economy works. This in turn would make it easier to find solutions to the present crisis. It […]

Sadly it sounds like South Korea is taking up what a comment in the Wall Street Journal calls the Green New Deal “boondoggle”: “Under the latest stimulus proposal, Seoul will spend 50 trillion won ($38.1 billion) over four years on infrastructure projects. The plan would fund the revitalization of four major rivers, eco-friendly transportation, small […]

The following is my latest comment from Fund Strategy. Although the West’s current predicament differs in some respects from Japan after the collapse of the baburu keiki (bubble economy) of the 1980s there are many similarities. For those who are not old enough to remember, or who have not read the history, the Japanese economy […]

Today’s Wall Street Journal has an interview with Bhutan’s first elected prime minister. Inevitably it touches on the Himalayan kingdom’s much lauded emphasis on pursuing Gross National Happiness rather than GDP. What Jigmi Y Thinley says is pretty anodyne. What is more notable is that he became the first democratically elected prime minister only this […]

India’s lunar programme should be welcomed. India is sending an unmanned space probe to the moon and in the course of it explore the possibility of bringing helium 3 – the ideal fuel for nuclear fusion – back to earth. It was inevitable that many would sneer at such a mission when India is still […]

The following comment by me appeared in this week’s Fund Strategy. Many will no doubt see the latest gloomy data from the eurozone and Japan as confirmation that the world economy is heading for a deep recession. Such a view is based on a superficial reading of global developments. GDP figures for the second quarter […]

The following comment by me appeared in today’s issue of Fund Strategy: The trend towards the “greening of Asia” represents one of the most retrograde developments of our time. Asia has benefited enormously from its rapid economic growth and could gain a lot more in the future. Anything that threatens such growth should be resisted […]

I will be speaking at a session on China and the environment at the Battle for China event on 12 July in London.

The following comment by me appeared in yesterday’s issue Fund Strategy. Only a few years ago the emerging markets were considered suitable only for the young and adventurous. The average investor would have at most a few per cent of emerging market stocks in his portfolio. Times are changing fast. In recent months Fund Strategy […]