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It is hard to avoid the conclusion that the story about Britain’s “austerity queen” is another part of “softening up” the public for austerity (see my latest spiked article for more on this tactic). According to the front page of yesterday’s Evening Standard, a daily London freesheet: “The Queen is engaged in an unprecedented austerity […]

Inequality in America, the Nation. Roundtable debate including Dean Baker, Jeff Madrick and Robert Reich. Many poisoned rivers, Literary Review, by Jonathan Mirsky. Review of When a billion Chinese jump by Jonathan Watts. More on China as a “green peril”. Decelerating decarbonization of the global economy, Roger Pielke Jr’s blog. An official Dutch study shows […]

When I refer to the “happiness movement” in my book it is a slightly jokey way of describing those who argue that happiness should be the over-riding goal for individuals or society. But even before the book is published I find a Movement for Happiness is being launched in Britain. The driving forces behind it […]

My latest spiked article rejects the British government’s view that austerity is unavoidable.

This is my comment from the latest Fund Strategy. Despite all the talk of austerity in this week’s budget the scale of cuts made this year is likely to be small. This is in line with the trend in much of Europe to exaggerate the immediate scale of austerity. At the time of writing the […]

Will Hutton, one of Britain’s best-known economics commentators, shows how limited and conditional opposition to austerity will be in his column in today’s Observer.  He starts by arguing the public should be persuaded of the need for sacrifice before going on to argue that cuts “have to be extremely skilfully implemented and seen to be […]

Despite all the talk of austerity in Europe the reality for most is that it has had little impact so far. In a useful round-up of the situation in different countries the Economist argues that cuts in the larger European countries are likely to be small or even non-existent this year: “Judged by the claims […]

Environmentalism is the preserve of the rich, Forbes, by John Tamny. The power of numbers, Economist. On the debate about statistics showing falling infant mortality. German government agrees historic austerity program, Der Spiegel. The politically incorrect guide to ending poverty, the Atlantic, by Sebastian Mallaby. On Paul Romer’s proposal for charter cities. Funding crisis for […]

There is a desperate need for a real debate on Britain’s economic future rather than the “engagement exercise” favoured by the government. The purpose of the ruling coalition’s exercise it to draw the public into a discussion of exactly when and where cuts should be made. There is no option for those who reject the […]

It is hard to resist a chuckle at yesterday’s call from the Financial Times (FT) for higher wages and living standards for Chinese workers. The same newspaper has called for austerity in the developed world. For example, its 23 May editorial on Britain’s new age of austerity argued: “The [Liberal-Conservative governing] coalition has been strong […]