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The recently published Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard is a rant against prosperity. I have not read the book yet but I have heard her interviewed on the radio and read several articles by her. Back in May 2009 I also wrote a blog post on her original 20-minute video in which I counted […]

President of change unwilling to tackle US oil addiction, Der Spiegel, by Gregor Peter Schmitz. A leading German publication endorses the bizarre notion that the world is “addicted” to oil rather than needing it to fuel prosperity. New Jungles Prompt a Debate on Rainforests, New York Times, By Elisabeth Rosenthal. Declining Latin American inequality, Vox, […]

The Forum for the Future, arguably Britain’s most prominent Malthusian non-governmental organisation, has followed the government’s lead in making a phoney call for a debate (see yesterday’s post). While the government wants us to discuss how best to impose austerity the sustainable development NGO (founder directors Sara Parkin and Jonathon Porritt) wants to debate how […]

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6 Jun 2010

Unfortunately I do not have time to read nearly as many books as I would like.  However, I have decided it might be worth me occasionally listing books that look interesting even if I may not get round to reading them. * William Rosen’s The Most Powerful Idea in the World (Random House) is a […]

Matt Ridley, the Rational Optimist, rebuts an attack by George Monbiot in the Guardian. Monbiot does not even attempt to tackle the meat of Ridley’s argument. Much of Monbiot’s article is a personal attack – mocking Ridley for his involvement in the collapse of Northern Rock bank – and the rest consists of sniping at […]

The call in today’s Financial Times (registration required) by Paul Collier, an expert on Africa and professor of economics at Oxford, for a practical ethics of nature is worth examining closely. His call for a humane environmentalism embodies some flawed and dangerous assumptions. Collier sets up his argument by opposing two alternative views: * Romantic […]

Anyone who doubts the authoritarian tendencies of environmentalism should listen to the BBC Radio 4 Analyisis programme by Justin Rowlatt (probably not available outside Britain). The more hard core greens, such as James Lovelock and Mayer Hillman, are in a way less scary. They are at least fairly open about their authoritarian intentions whereas the […]

’Making a difference’: volunteer tourism and development (only abstract available on internet), Tourism Recreation Research 35(1), by Jim Butcher and Peter Smith. A look at changing perceptions of development through the debate about volunteer tourism.  I have added this reference, along with Jim Butcher’s 2002 book on The Moralisation of Tourism and his Ecotourism, NGOs […]

Both the new British prime minister has claimed the Liberal-Conservative coalition is going to be the greenest government ever. I fear he is probably right. David Cameron made the claim in front of civil servants at the Department of Energy and Climate Change with Chris Huhne, the new minister, at his side – although it […]

Interesting that Australia should delay its commitment to introduce a cap and trade scheme for carbon emissions till 2013 or later. Until last week Kevin Rudd, the prime minister, had made much of his commitment to introduce such a scheme imminently. The U-turn seems to be because there is growing concern about the likely cost […]