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Deutsche Bank has published a substantial report on happiness. Stefan Bergheim, one of the bank’s economists, uses a statistical “cluster analysis” to identify what he says are 10 “indicators for a happy society”: 1)High degree of trust in fellow citizens 2)Low amount of corruption 3)Low unemployment 4)High level of education 5)High income 6)High employment rate […]

Spiked has published an article by me on the campaign to oust Paul Wolfowitz as president of the World Bank. It argues that it is the poorest people of the world who suffer most as a result of the campaign against corruption.

There is some speculation that Tony Blair, Britain’s outgoing prime minister, could take over from the ousted Paul Wolfowitz as head of the World Bank. Although this would go against the tradition that the World Bank is headed by an American in many ways Blair would be the perfect choice. Who better than the smiley […]

Developing countries will suffer as a result of the corruption allegations around Paul Wolfowitz. The World Bank president (and former US defence secretary) is accused of helping his partner win promotion and a pay rise. Critics accuse Wolfowitz of hypocrisy because he has led an anti-corruption drive against third world nations (following on from his […]

This week’s episode of The Trap, part two of the three part documentary by Adam Curtis, failed to convincingly link paranoid man with rising inequality (see posts of 11 and 12 March). The first 45 minutes of the hour-long programme elaborated on the last week’s theme of how the idea of rational selfish individuals arose […]

If you want to watch a video of me being interviewed about corruption immediately before the New York Salon meeting on 21 June this year click here.

Me and Spiked

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16 Jul 2006

Much of my writing on growth scepticism has appeared on Spiked-online; an independent online publication which describes itself as having the modest ambition of making history as well as reporting it. My recent articles include a contribution to its Enlightening the future 2024 project and a piece on the extradition of the “NatWest three” to […]