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I will be debating “are greens the friends or the enemies of progress?” at the Zurich Salon on the evening of Tuesday 19 January. The other speakers are Thomas Vellacott (CEO of WWF Switzerland), Silvio Borner (professor of economics) and Stephen Tindale (director of the Alvin Weinberg Foundation). It will be chaired by Sabine Beppler-Spahl […]

The debate on social justice I participated in this week at the City of London Festival is now available to listen to as a podcast.  It is also appropriately topical that my debate on European austerity from last year’s Battle of Ideas is now available to watch on video.

The last thing I expected to be thinking about after a long and boozy Christmas lunch was economics. However, my first ride in an Uber taxi set me thinking. For those who have not used Uber, which operates in over 50 countries, it is service that allows users to order taxis using their mobile phone. […]

The extent to which inequality has come to be blamed for most of the world’s economic problems is astounding. Will Hutton, principal of Hertford College, Oxford, summed up the charges in an Observer article earlier this year: “It’s inequality that is behind poverty, ill health and the growth of the welfare bill. It’s inequality propelling the […]

This is my Perspective column from this week’s Fund Strategy magazine. Although GDP is central to much economic and financial debate, it is remarkably poorly understood. Experts pore over every statistical release and every subsequent revision but rarely question the meaning of the measure itself. This one-sidedness was clear in the recent preliminary estimate for […]

Economist and author Dan O’Neill and journalist and author Daniel Ben-Ami go head-to-head. This debate is from the May issue of New Internationalist. Feel free to comment on the magazine’s site. Dan Kenneth Boulding once warned that anyone who believes exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an […]

One of the most peculiar but least understood developments of our time is the emergence of billionaires against capitalism. Even some of the greatest beneficiaries of the market system seem deeply disillusioned with it. Bill Gates provided a striking example this week when he slated the market for distorting important priorities. He reportedly told a […]

This is my Perspective column from this week’s Fund Strategy magazine. An event on economics has seldom shocked me so much. The public launch of the “Manifesto for Growth” at the London School of Economics (LSE) came across as blatantly disdainful of the public and the democratic process. My reading of the report’s central argument […]

TINA revisited

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22 Oct 2012

As so often happens nowadays I first heard the news on Twitter. Evidently the German finance minister had made some kind of big statement on the economy. As is also often the case with Twitter the exact nature of the news was obscure. Two of my left wing contacts had retweeted a tweet from @StewartWood, […]

This Perspective column was first published in Monday’s edition of Fund Strategy. Will automatic enrolment into pensions schemes help Britain meet the challenge of an ageing population? Understood properly the answer should be a resounding “no”. There is a fundamental flaw in the way the question is posed. It embodies the incorrect assumption that demographic […]