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Ireland still has the power to make itself a country worth living in, the Observer, by Fintan O’Toole. The assistant editor of the Irish Times argues the Ireland should embrace “ethical austerity”. I suspect that will be even more painful than regular austerity. Government ‘planning to measure people’s happiness‘, BBC. For a critique of this […]

No “articles of note” for a while and then two come along at once: Population bomb still a fizzer 40 years on, the Australian, by Oliver Marc Hartwich. A critique of environmentalism’s worship of nature. Fair trade does not help the poor, report says, Daily Telegraph, by Harry Wallop. Discusses a report from the Institute […]

I have unexpectedly stumbled across a fascinating BBC programme on the rise of environmentalism, and corresponding decline of scientific optimism, in Britain in the 1960s. When Britain Went Wild, programme three in Series 10 of the BBC Time Shift series, looked at the conservative side of the decade. While the 1960s is usually seen as […]

Franny Armstrong, the founder of the 10:10 campaign against climate change, has mounted a defence of her organisation’s despicable film showing those unconcerned about the issue being blown up. Although 10:10 has issued an apology and taken the “No Pressure” video off the site she is quoted in the Daily Telegraph as saying: “We ‘killed’ […]

Sexy Ferraris

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10 Sep 2010

Evidently Alexandra Burke, winner of ITV’s X-factor singing contest in 2008, turned up at London’s G-A-Y nightclub on Wednesday night in a sleek red Ferrari. According to a report in the Daily Mail: “The 22-year-old singer looked stunning in a tiny gold minidress and metallic heels as she then posed daintily on the bonnet of […]

I was not planning to write a blog post today but this is incredible. Reading the recent Friends of the Earth Policy on Population (PDF) briefing, published in March, I discover that the organisation is calling for a 10-fold reduction in resource consumption. That is 10-fold – not 10% – in other words a 90% […]

My latest article, on the western media’s perverse support for class struggle in China, is live on spiked.

Videos of note

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1 Aug 2010

Living Outside the Box: Sustainable Lifestyles.  A video produced for the United Nations Environment Programme by Sweden’s environment ministry. Through the tale of Angie (who lives in an unspecified rich country) and George (who lives in an unspecified poor country) argues that more “stuff” does not make us any happier. It also threatens the planet’s […]

I am writing this to lay claim to having coined the term “green tape” to mean the web of regulations that embody the principle of economic restraint. Notably this would include all regulations based on the notions of sustainability as well as the precautionary principle. I first used the term in print in today’s Guardian […]

A horrible “green column” in the New York Times on “rethinking the measure of growth”. Wayne Arnold’s article is essentially an attack on Asian’s drive to develop. His approach is to raise the spectre of possible environmental disasters as an argument against growth. The articles quotes several prominents Asian economists who are sceptical about the […]