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I’ll be debating the Divide, a new film on inequality and fairness, at the University of Birmingham on the afternoon of Wednesday 24 February. I hope some of you can come along. Details can be found here.  

China becomes a more important component of the global economy with every day that passes. Although America remains the world’s largest economy, at least for a little while, the Chinese economy is by far the largest contributor to global growth. The slowdown in the growth of emerging economies in recent years only confirms this trend. […]

This review was first published on spiked today. The unsubtle message of Martin Scorsese’s new film, The Wolf of Wall Street, is that there is a thin line between investment bankers and gangsters. Admittedly, investment banking is not itself illegal and its practitioners are not generally prone to extreme violence. Nevertheless, the film portrays Wall Street […]

Anyone looking for a graphic illustration of the one-sidedness of attacks on banks and tax havens would do well to watch a new documentary. The UK Gold, written and directed by Mark Donne, presents itself as an erudite and well-informed but is essentially an old-fashioned conspiracy theory. Its most striking feature is its habit of […]

I rarely write about Israeli politics nowadays but this film review is one of my occasional forays into the subject. The Gatekeepers is a remarkable documentary that illustrates an important shift in Israeli attitudes over the past four decades. Unfortunately, most Western commentators only see in it a confirmation of their own prejudices. Dror Moreh, […]

This is my latest book review for the Financial Times. Those looking for a fiercely uncompromising defence of free-market capitalism can do no better than consult the works of Ayn Rand. Before the Russian-born writer died in 1982, she developed a philosophy that celebrated selfishness, lauded entrepreneurs as heroes and rejected all state welfare. These […]

I feature in this short film by Worldwrite on the debate about inequality.

My latest article for spiked is a review of the new Freakonomics documentary.

Anyone who has read Ferraris for All will know that Sylvia Pankhurst (1882-1960) was a key inspiration for my book. The radical suffragette was not only fervently pro-prosperity but also opposed to the first world war even during the conflict and against population control. Those who want to see the remarkable spirit of this largely […]

Franny Armstrong, the founder of the 10:10 campaign against climate change, has mounted a defence of her organisation’s despicable film showing those unconcerned about the issue being blown up. Although 10:10 has issued an apology and taken the “No Pressure” video off the site she is quoted in the Daily Telegraph as saying: “We ‘killed’ […]