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Sabine Beppler-Spahl has interviewed me on Israel and anti-semitism in the latest edition of Novo magazine (in German). The text is not available online but the publication can be ordered here.

It was a surprise to hear Mervyn King appear on BBC Radio 4’s documentary series on Germany: Memories of a Nation. The former Bank of England governor is well known for his passionate support for Aston Villa FC and his interest in cricket but not his German expertise. However, on closer inspection it made sense. […]

Novo, a German publication, has published a translation of my May 2012 spiked essay on the “Petty politics of the anti-inequality brigade” . Auch wenn die egalitäre Rhetorik eine andere Sprache spricht, die Gleichheitsaktivisten unserer Tage mögen weder die Superreichen noch die Unterschicht. Daniel Ben-Ami zeichnet die Geschichte der Gleichheitsbewegung nach und zeigt deren politischen […]

This article first appeared in this week’s Fund Strategy magazine. Germany has, for the time being at least, replaced China as America’s lead villain in the world economy. The discussion of global economic imbalances is back but the main bogeyman this time around is European rather than Asian. America turned the heat up on Germany […]

Novo Argumente has published a German version of my article on “Who’s afraid of inequality?”. It was published in the Dutch edition of Ode (the Optimist) in May and in The Intelligent Optimist in English in June (although only the first part is available online). Viele Menschen sind der Auffassung, das schwerwiegendste gesellschaftliche Problem unserer […]

My piece on trends in household income in the advanced economies was published today in the annual world economy survey in the Financial Times. Beyond the truism that financial crises and recessions are painful, the advanced economies have had widely divergent experiences in recent years. This is clear even at the level of economic growth. […]

I had not expected the audience of Chinese financial regulators to laugh hysterically at my remarks on the eurozone economy. It took a further five minutes for their conversations in Mandarin to subside. The subject of my talk, the future of the eurozone, normally invites anxiety rather than mirth. My goal was to outline the […]

This box accompanied my Fund Strategy cover story on the current state of the eurozone. There is a sharp divide among experts on whether there will be a dramatic leap towards eurozone integration following the German elections on 22 September. Many argue that German politicians have postponed decisive action till after the polls while others […]

This is the main text for my latest Fund Strategy cover story that examines the state of the eurozone. The original layout in the magazine, including accompanying graphs, can be found here. Many have made such claims before but this time around there is significant evidence that the eurozone is finally recovering from its slump. […]

This Fund Strategy cover story on “tapering” – the gradual reduction in monetary support for the economy by America’s Federal Reserve – was first published on 21 August. An accompanying chronology can be found here. Are central bankers preparing to turn down the money tap? The pronouncements by Ben Bernanke, the chairman of America’s Federal […]