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This is my latest Perspective column for Fund Strategy. What is the impact of the eurozone crisis likely to be on the rest of the world? Much commentary in recent months has focused on the 17 countries that use the euro but relatively little has discussed the broader effect of the region’s woes. There are […]

I am opposing the motion that “the global elite serves the masses” in an Economist online debate. Please feel free to participate here.

This is my comment from this week’s Fund Strategy. Last week’s Comment drew attention to the growing tensions between the world’s main economic powers. Within a few days things were unravelling even faster than expected at the G20 summit in Pittsburgh. Certainly the rhetoric was one of peace and harmony. In his address to the […]

This is my comment from this week’s Fund Strategy. I also wrote a cover story which is a guide to the debate on global economic imbalances Rumbling beneath the surface of the current discussion on economic prospects is a debate about inflation and deflation. Some warn that inflationary pressures are likely to emerge soon, while […]

I am preoccupied with other things at present but cannot resist commenting on the British governments drive to encourage greater national self sufficiency in food. This is a peculiar target to aim for. Surely the key criterion in food production is to produce plentiful cheap food on a global scale. The more plentiful, inexpensive food […]

The following comment by me appeared in today’s issue of Fund Strategy: There are broadly two ways to interpret the rising stockmarkets since March. The first is to see them as a sign of recovery, the second is to view them as the reinflation of an asset bubble. Last week’s American GDP figures gave added […]

I was struck by the good sense of Freeman Dyson in his interview with Yale Environment 360 on climate change. The eminent 85-year-old scientist upset the orthodox climate change lobby when he criticised their views in a recent profile in the New York Times Sunday magazine. His views are sceptical in the best sense of […]

David Chandler, professor of economics at Westminster University, has written a fascinating essay on the politics of environmentalism (PDF) in Radical Politics Today. It argues that state institutions have promoted environmental ideas in an attempt to bolster their legitimacy. This is in the context of traditional measures of welfare and educational progress appearing increasingly contested. […]

The following comment by me appeared in the latest Fund Strategy (27 April). The British government is presenting the origins of the economic crisis as purely external. It is depicted as an external shock on what would otherwise be a healthy economy. Such a portrayal conveniently absolves New Labour of any responsibility for the considerable […]

This week’s Economist special report on the rich includes an article on social inequality. It starts with the observation that inequality has widened considerably over the past 30 years after narrowing from the 1930s to the late 1970s. But it reviews competing explanations for the recent widening without coming decisively down in favour of any […]