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I have been so busy over the past few days that I have not been able to write all the blog posts I would have liked. There follows some brief notes on subjects I would have liked to have covered in greater detail. In the run-up to the publication of the 20th anniversary Human Development […]

I have belatedly come across an excellent article in Foreign Policy by Charles Kenny, a senior economist at the World Bank, criticising some of the core assumptions of Malthus’s theory of population. It also reminds readers that influential contemporary pundits such as Jeffrey Sachs and Niall Ferguson have embraced Malthusian ideas. The Foreign Policy article […]

Inequality in America, the Nation. Roundtable debate including Dean Baker, Jeff Madrick and Robert Reich. Many poisoned rivers, Literary Review, by Jonathan Mirsky. Review of When a billion Chinese jump by Jonathan Watts. More on China as a “green peril”. Decelerating decarbonization of the global economy, Roger Pielke Jr’s blog. An official Dutch study shows […]

When I refer to the “happiness movement” in my book it is a slightly jokey way of describing those who argue that happiness should be the over-riding goal for individuals or society. But even before the book is published I find a Movement for Happiness is being launched in Britain. The driving forces behind it […]


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6 Jun 2010

Sheldon Cooper, the anti-social supernerd star of the Big Bang Theory, has a better knowledge of growth sceptic theory than most greens. In the episode of the CBS comedy called Large Hadron Collision he notes that: “There’s an economic concept known as a Positional Good in which an object is only valued by the possessor […]

Shale gas will change the world, Financial Times, Gideon Rachman. Money can’t buy happiness but it helps: poll, Reuters. The limits of the green machine, Forbes, by Joel Kotkin. On the criticisms of Obama and BP over the Gulf oil spill, American Situation, by Sean Collins. Why the EU will thrive on Greece’s troubles, spiked, […]

Sean Collins on capitalism. Spiked.  The author of the American Situation blog argues that contemporary “anti-capitalism” is the main barrier to progress today. The economics of happiness, speech by Ben Bernanke. The chairman of the Federal Reserve takes on board the main premises of those who argue for happiness as a policy goal. Organic’s footprint, […]

Die Versuche, das Streben nach Wohlstand durch Maßnahmen zu ersetzen, um Menschen glücklicher zu machen, tragen therapeutische und autoritäre Züge. The latest issue of Novo magazine includes an article by me arguing against the notion of a paradox of prosperity. An earlier version of the article appeared in spiked in February 2007 and was also […]

One of the most peculiar aspects of the contemporary happiness debate is the obsession with Bhutan. Those who advocate happiness as a key social goal often hold up the Himalayan kingdom’s advocacy of Gross National Happiness (GNH) as a good model to follow. Relatively few details of what GNH means are available so I was […]

The thing that struck me most at yesterday’s Battle for Politics conference in London was how was that many experts have taken on the view that lessons from happiness research, psychology and neuroscience can be applied directly to politics. Speakers such as Professor Gerry Stoker and Matt Grist of the RSA’s Social Brain Project favoured […]