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One of the biggest economic questions of the decade is undoubtedly whether China will succeed in changing its development model. Since the late 1970s the Asian giant has enjoyed spectacular success in transforming itself from a poor rural economy to a dynamic industrial power. The time has come to shift the balance even further towards […]

I will be participating in a debate on the Global 10 billion – something to celebrate? at the Mantownhuman summer in London at 12.30am on 16 July. The other panelists will be Danny Dorling (a professor of geography at Oxford university) and Philippe Legrain (the author of Immigrants: your country needs them).

My review of Tyler Cowen’s Average Is Over: Powering America beyond the age of the Great Stagnation (Dutton) was published on the spiked review of books on Friday. Suppose you go on a date and are faced with that perennially tricky question: does the other person fancy me? The answer is not always easy to […]

One of the worst habits of the current generation of younger adults is to blame their older peers for many economic and social problems. Such scapegoating is understandable in those in an awkward teenage phase but anyone over 20 should have grown out of it. Take the discussion of household debt. It is often framed […]

Economist and author Dan O’Neill and journalist and author Daniel Ben-Ami go head-to-head. This debate is from the May issue of New Internationalist. Feel free to comment on the magazine’s site. Dan Kenneth Boulding once warned that anyone who believes exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an […]

My appearance on this morning’s BBC1 Big Questions programme is available to watch on iPlayer for the next week.  The three topics were whether it was right to take from the rich to give to the poor; should we “go forth and multiply” and whether the Grand National horse race should be banned. Probably the […]

This Perspective column was first published in Monday’s edition of Fund Strategy. Will automatic enrolment into pensions schemes help Britain meet the challenge of an ageing population? Understood properly the answer should be a resounding “no”. There is a fundamental flaw in the way the question is posed. It embodies the incorrect assumption that demographic […]

This Perspective column was first published in Monday’s edition of Fund Strategy. Substantial rises in food prices tend to bring out the worst in today’s generally green-tinged market pundits. Typically they issue doom-mongering warnings about the dangers of rising population and greater prosperity before advising investors how to take advantage of the situation. This is […]

This is my latest column for Fund Strategy Is your relatively affluent lifestyle depriving a poor person of food? That in effect is the accusation from Britain’s leading science body. The Royal Society has published a report called People and the Planet warning that global population should be stabilised and western living standards curtailed. Given […]

My blog post published by the Independent today. When the world’s population reaches seven billion in late October it should be a cause for immense celebration. Not only has the population increased seven-fold since 1800 but we have become enormously better off through economic growth and technological innovation. On average we live much longer, are […]