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My profile of Petter Stordalen, an anti-capitalist billionaire from Norway, was published in Financial Times Wealth on Friday. The original link can be found here. Is it possible to be an anti-capitalist billionaire? Many would assume the question is absurd. Surely the greatest beneficiaries of the market economy should be its staunchest supporters? Not so [...]

This is my latest book review for the Financial Times. The link to the piece on the FT site can be found here. American Tax Resisters, by Romain D Huret, Harvard University Press, 2014. Few people like paying taxes, but there are some individuals, particularly in the US, for whom active tax resistance is central to [...]

This article for the Financial Times was published in Friday’s FT Wealth. Every generation has thinkers who support the right to accumulate great wealth. Such figures are reviled by egalitarians for defending the indefensible: upholding privilege and hierarchy while the common man or woman suffers impoverishment. Conservatives typically respond that social inequality can benefit society [...]

This article was first published on spiked today. Although last week’s Margaret Thatcher lecture by Boris Johnson was widely understood as a traditional conservative rejection of equality, it was nothing of the sort. It is true that the mayor of London stepped slightly beyond the bounds of what is generally considered appropriate in these oversensitive [...]

Novo Argumente has published a German version of my article on “Who’s afraid of inequality?”. It was published in the Dutch edition of Ode (the Optimist) in May and in The Intelligent Optimist in English in June (although only the first part is available online). Viele Menschen sind der Auffassung, das schwerwiegendste gesellschaftliche Problem unserer [...]

My piece on trends in household income in the advanced economies was published today in the annual world economy survey in the Financial Times. Beyond the truism that financial crises and recessions are painful, the advanced economies have had widely divergent experiences in recent years. This is clear even at the level of economic growth. [...]

This review first appeared in Friday’s edition of FT Wealth. The Society of Equals, by Pierre Rosanvallon, Harvard University Press, 2013 The idea of equality often evokes heated passions. For its critics it can represent insufferable political correctness, punitive taxation and even the nightmare vision of violent revolution. In contrast, its supporters typically see it [...]

Today’s Financial Times includes two articles by me in its FT Wealth section. My profile of Bill Browder, an anti-Kremlin campaigner, is pasted below and I will upload my latest book review over the weekend. Bill Browder has a stark warning for western investors eyeing opportunities in Russia. “They are not only taking a financial [...]

This book review was first published on spiked on Friday. One of the most shocking political developments of recent years was the lack of any public outcry at the imposition of unelected regimes in Greece and Italy. In fact, the installation of technocratic governments in both countries in the midst of the Eurozone economic crisis [...]

Spiked has published my review of two contrasting books on the European Union. I will upload the full text over the weekend.