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I had not had any articles published for a while and then suddenly four appear in one day. I will upload the full text over the next week or so but meanwhile here are the links: * A spiked article on why Barack Obama loathes the Israeli prime minister.  * A Financial Times feature on […]

Sabine Beppler-Spahl has interviewed me on Israel and anti-semitism in the latest edition of Novo magazine (in German). The text is not available online but the publication can be ordered here.

I discuss the Gaza conflict alongside Tara McCormack in the latest spiked podcast (although for some inexplicable reason I say “Kuwait” towards the end when I mean “Qatar”!).

My obituary for Ariel Sharon was first published on spiked today. Despite the bitter differences between the admirers and critics of Ariel Sharon, the former Israeli prime minister who died on Saturday, most share one outlook in common. They claim to have divined a continuity in his career despite his apparent shift from ultra-nationalist hawk […]

On Sunday 20 October I will be speaking at a session on “Pathologising Israel” at the Battle of Ideas festival in London. The other panelists are (Lord) Paul Bew, (Baroness) Ruth Deech and Ben-Dror Yemini (Yemini’s Hebrew language columns in Maariv are available here and his blog is here).

I rarely write about Israeli politics nowadays but this film review is one of my occasional forays into the subject. The Gatekeepers is a remarkable documentary that illustrates an important shift in Israeli attitudes over the past four decades. Unfortunately, most Western commentators only see in it a confirmation of their own prejudices. Dror Moreh, […]

Walk around the streets of Jerusalem during the day on Saturday, the Jewish sabbath, and you get a sense of the divisions that afflict the city. Although these are most visibly religious, cultural and political they have economic implications too. Perhaps the most conspicuous inhabitants of the city are to be found among its ultra-religious […]

This Perspective column was first published in today’s edition of Fund Strategy. This year could go down as the time when the British media missed the emergence of by far the most important global news story. Leave aside the obvious trivia of a prince going nude in a Las Vegas hotel. This could be a […]

Middle East Clarity, a valuable portal for anyone trying to follow political developments across the region, has today included a link to my latest Fund Strategy article on the Arab spring.

This is my latest Perspective column for Fund Strategy. The Arab spring that erupted late last year reintroduced the concept of political risk to emerging economies. For many years western investors were almost solely interested in the business and market prospects of the countries in which they invested. They paid little attention to the potential […]