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Life and death

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20 May 2010

An astonishing article on Reuters should have received far more attention. Evidently scientists are starting to tackle ageing itself rather than its symptoms. Until now scientists have focused on treating age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, dementia, diabetes and heart disease. But a more productive approach could be to treat ageing as a disease. Evidently […]

’Making a difference’: volunteer tourism and development (only abstract available on internet), Tourism Recreation Research 35(1), by Jim Butcher and Peter Smith. A look at changing perceptions of development through the debate about volunteer tourism.  I have added this reference, along with Jim Butcher’s 2002 book on The Moralisation of Tourism and his Ecotourism, NGOs […]

Economist debate on GDP. Andrew Oswald (University of Warwick) defends the motion that GDP is a poor measure of living standards. Steve Landefeld (director of the National Bureau of Economic Research) disagrees. Keynes, the straw man and this irrational, crazy, world, Culture Wars, by Rob Killick. Beware the precautionary principle. Social Issues Research Centre. Hubble […]

Returning to watch the start of the 1973 BBC series on the Ascent of Man on DVD I was struck my how much the intellectual climate has changed since then.  Green ideas have  marginalised the broadly humanistic assumptions which were then prevalent. Even the idea of the “ascent of man” would be seen by many […]

The rise of the new paternalism, Cato Unbound, by Glen Whitman (lead essay in a special issue on “libertarian paternalism”). Stopping malaria with a chastity belt, Miller-McCune, by Judith Reitman. Con: Earth is never in equilibrium,, by Richard Lindzen. ‘No, I am the true saviour of the world!’, spiked, by Nathalie Rothschild. Election 2010: […]

Africa Calling: Can mobile phones make a miracle?, by Jenny C Aker and Issac M Mbiti. Boston Review. Floating golf course where you can really sink a putt, by Judith Evans, Times (London). Also Seasteading: the great escape, by Eamon Fingleton, Prospect. [Floating islands as a way of adapting to climate change]. It’s time the […]

The more, the better, Wall Street Journal, by Joel Kotkin. Response to Arundhati Roy, Kafila, by Jairus Banaji. (see 28 February 2010 post). The thrill of science, tamed by agendas, New York Times, Edward Rothstein. Searching for water under the sands of Saudi Arabia. Spiegel, by Samiha Shafy. Scientists call for ‘climate intervention’ research with […]

Jimmy’s Global Harvest is by far the most inspiring documentary series I have seen on British television recently. Jimmy Doherty, a farmer with a PhD in entomology, is concerned with the practical business of how farmers can boost productivity in adverse conditions (see 20 July 2008 and 30 November 2008 posts for his earlier television […]

After several critical posts some upbeat news. Der Spiegel profiles Klaus Lackner, a German geophysicist based at Columbia University, who is working on artificial trees that filter 1,000 times as much carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere as the real thing. The project is still at its prototype phase but if it worked well enough […]

Those interested in American development policy should read the recent speech (PDF) by Hillary Clinton, the secretary of state, on the subject. Although the significance of various concepts has to be decoded she made six main points: * Development should be based on partnership not patronage. This seems to mean that poorer countries should strive […]