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I will be debating Nick Dearden, the director of the World Development Movement, at the national conference of ResultsUK on Saturday 10th May. The event is on the weekend of 10th-12th May at St Lukes Community Centre, Old Street, London.

I am delighted to be speaking on the opening keynote panel at the Liberty League Freedom Forum in London next weekend. Tickets are available here.

I will be introducing a discussion of Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations at the Institute of Ideas Economy Forum on the evening of Thursday 27 February in London.

I will be speaking at the Battle of Ideas satellite debate on “Trade or Aid?” in Oslo on Thursday 7 November.

On Sunday 20 October I will be speaking at a session on “Pathologising Israel” at the Battle of Ideas festival in London. The other panelists are (Lord) Paul Bew, (Baroness) Ruth Deech and Ben-Dror Yemini (Yemini’s Hebrew language columns in Maariv are available here and his blog is here).

I will be participating in a debate on “the problems with inequality” on 22 May at the Leeds Salon. Danny Dorling, who I recently debated in Manchester, will also be on the panel with another speaker to be confirmed.

A video of my Manchester Salon debate on inequality with Danny Dorling is available to watch here.

I will be debating Danny Dorling, one of Britain’s leading experts on inequality, at the Manchester Salon on the evening of Tuesday 26 February. Details can be found here.

This is the video of my debate on “Why isn’t poverty history yet” at the Battle of Ideas festival in London in October (Jonathan Portes, pictured). Thanks to Worldwrite for producing the video and in particular for cutting out the background noise of birds tweeting in the Barbican Centre auditorium.

The following was the basis for my speech on austerity at last weekend’s Battle of Ideas conference. It was also submitted as an opinion piece to CityAM but not published. A debate on how to revive the British economy is urgently needed. That might seem an odd thing to say given that there appear to [...]