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This is the text of my latest feature for the Financial Times (published last Thursday) Religion and wealth have long been seen as separate realms. “Ye cannot serve God and mammon,” says a famous passage of the King James Bible. But look more carefully and it becomes apparent that the links are closer and more […]

This is my latest column for Fund Strategy It was so strange I had to pinch myself to check if I was having a bizarre nightmare. There was Michael Sandel, philosopher and celebrity academic, denouncing traded life policies – or what he called “death bonds” – on a BBC television programme. To make the package […]

This box from my recent Fund Strategy cover story on responsible capitalism shows that business is anxious to regulate itself. It is not a straightforward matter of regulation being imposed by an interventionist state. Strict rules on corporate governance have been institutionalised in Britain through a succession of business-backed reports. This is a selection of […]

This is the main text of my Fund Strategy cover story published on Monday. I have restored the original introductory paragraph that for some reason was edited out of the published version. I will post the boxes that go along with the article over the next few days. An unprecedented hostility to business has recently […]

I have written this week’s Fund Strategy cover story on the debate about “responsible capitalism” in Britain. You can reading it by clicking on the link here and I will also paste the text onto this website over the next few days.

A wry video short by Bold Futures in Berlin taking a dig at those who romanticise African poverty. Click HERE to view.

I will be giving a public lecture on the flawed notion of sustainability at 5pm on 29 February at Plymouth University. Details are available here.

Judging by the two extracts in the Guardian (here and here ) the new book from Gordon Brown, until recently Britain’s prime minister, is classic growth scepticism. On the one hand, Beyond the Crash talks effusively about the need for economic growth. On the other hand his support for growth is highly conditional and his […]

Ireland still has the power to make itself a country worth living in, the Observer, by Fintan O’Toole. The assistant editor of the Irish Times argues the Ireland should embrace “ethical austerity”. I suspect that will be even more painful than regular austerity. Government ‘planning to measure people’s happiness‘, BBC. For a critique of this […]

Prince Charles evidently has a new book coming out. In an interview in Vanity Fair he describes the main arguments puts forward in Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World (with Tony Juniper and Ian Skelly). It should come as no surprise to those who have followed his outbursts that he presents himself […]