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This is a comment by me on the Guardian’s comment is free website As the tallest building in Europe it dwarfs the others in the capital. Its distinctive style stands at odds with the historical buildings in the city centre. Prominent writers complained about its construction but the city’s inhabitants have generally come to love [...]

In this article I revisit the contention that the western world has entered a “new normal” of sluggish economic growth. It is the final part of my latest Fund Strategy cover story. In many ways the notion of the low hanging fruit parallels the argument that the global economy has entered a “new normal” of [...]

This is the main text of my recent Fund Strategy cover story on the debate about the “great stagnation”. All the graphics can be found in the version in the magazine itself and I will post the remaining box here tomorrow. An influential alternative to the well-worn explanation of the economic malaise of recent years [...]

My Fund Strategy cover story on “the great stagnation” – the idea that a long-term technological slowdown has hit American economic growth – is available to read here. I will paste the full text over the next few days.

This is my latest Perspective column for Fund Strategy. One of the unexpected side effects of the economic crisis is to turn prominent dead economists into rap stars. A video featuring a rap battle between John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946) versus Friedrich August Hayek (1899-1992) has received over 2.8m hits while the sequel has garnered 1.3m. [...]

My review of William Holstein’s The Next American Economy has appeared in the FT Wealth section of today’s Financial Times (free registration may be required to view).

Today’s Real Clear Markets includes a link to my Fund Strategy cover story on high technology.

My latest Fund Strategy cover story, looking at the high technology sector and innovation, can be read here. There follows an extract from the final section. Apart from the debate about productivity there is another important aspect of the new economy discussion that is often neglected. That is a fundamental shift in the way that [...]

My latest comment from Fund Strategy argues the Silicon Valley model is not as good at producing innovation or economic growth as generally assumed. A link to the related cover story will follow in my next post. It is remarkable that the Silicon Valley business model is being so widely emulated when its record of [...]

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17 Apr 2011

Rather than apologising again for my lack of posting I thought it would make more sense to write a note on what I have been doing. After focusing for several years on the theme of growth scepticism – albeit one that incorporates many subjects under its umbrella – I am working on lots of shorter [...]