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This week’s Fund Strategy included a comment by me on changing patterns of world trade. Agriculture has become a relatively niche enterprise in modern industrial economies. However, the latest 10-year Agricultural Outlook from the Organisation for Economic Development (OECD) and Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations highlights some important trends*. These apply […]

I do not share the pro-intervention stance held by Alan Beattie, the world trade editor of the Financial Times, on Africa. However, his deliciously acid remarks in today’s paper are astute: “Africa needs more than to be ‘put on the agenda’. It has been on dozens of agendas down the decades. Nor does it need […]

Dani Rodrik, a professor of international political economy at Harvard, has set up a blog. Rodrik is one of the leading thinkers in what could be called the anti-globalisation or global justice movement. That is he is generally in favour of greater regulation of capitalism and supports such initiatives as fair trade. In my 24 […]

The following is a comment by me from the 9 April issue of Fund Strategy. The past few days have seen mixed news on the world economy. The bad news emanates from America while good news originates in emerging markets. Probably the worst news is America’s decision to impose tariffs on imports of “coated free […]

An astute point on the downside of relying on local food sources from the unexpected source of the International Monetary Fund’s World Economic Outlook. Its chapter on commodity prices (PDF) makes as an aside the point that: “the volatility of food and raw agricultural material prices seems to have fallen on average over the past […]

The slogan “Ferraris for all” comes for Worldwrite; an education charity campaigning for real development in the third world. Ceri Dingle, the director of the charity, was evidently asking some of its volunteers what they would really like to have. They said Ferarris. I am sure they did not necessarily mean it literally. No doubt […]